YLHS Aquatics is excited to announce that we have contracted with BSN Sports, LLC for all of our gear and equipment needs. Our Teams will now be wearing Nike merchandise at a 30-40% discount from retail pricing. We also have the ability to receive an annual rebate.

Team uniforms which include polo/swim suit, game day polo and one spirit item per season do not need to be ordered by parents.  Boosters will size athletes on deck and place orders directly with BSN. The cost of team uniforms are part of the Boy’s Polo/Girl’s Polo or Swim season Registration fee.

YLHS Aquatics Spirit Wear and Extra Gear ~athlete gear bag, parka, extra suit, hats, shirts, hoodies etc. Can be ordered from BSN online stores.  Online stores will be opened 3 times a year, once at the beginning of each season. The links to the online store will be sent out via email and Remind and will be open for 2 weeks at a time.

Please order your Swim Parka here http://store.truwest.com/Yorba-Linda-HS_c_803.html